Women’s Guild

HOW OFTEN: Monthly
WHEN: Varies by activity
Other Contacts: Anita Buchakjian, Alice Rassam

Join us! This group has been in our church for many decades.


The Women’s Guild of APC is a caring, dedicated and hard-working group of devoted ladies, who plan, organize and implement various social, educational, religious and fun activities. They serve the church faithfully and joyfully dedicating their talents, time and efforts to their beloved church.The mission of the Women’s Guild is to live and share the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ through worship, education, witness, service and fellowship as expressed in the distinctive faith-experience of the Armenian people. All women of the Armenian Church are called to participate fully in this mission.

The Women’s Guild works to build a community among the women of our church through various activities. The Women’s Guild provides many social, spiritual and service opportunities in the hopes of creating a community of friendship and support for the women of APC.

The Women’s Guild welcomes all women to join in our social activities, fundraising events and outreach projects. Attending Women’s Guild activities is a great opportunity to meet other women within APC. By becoming a member of the Women’s Guild you will support all of the great work we do for our church community. Every woman has her own unique talent and we would love to have you share your time and talents, or suggest a new activity or event that will benefit our church.


The Women’s Guild has several large-scale fund raisers through the year including the Lenten Luncheon, Spring Bake Sale. The Women’s Guild also sponsors various activities including Cooking and baking sessions (choreg, simit, tahin bread, paklava, boeregs, khadif, etc.) for bake sales, bazaar and Easter, Armenian Speaking Classes, Maj Jongg Classes.


The Women’s guild serves as much more than a group of ladies getting together for an evening. We we hope the fellowship, tradition and purpose it offers fosters a strong community of women at APC. It encompasses the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and your unique skills with others.

Women’s Fellowship & Ministries