Session (Board of Elders)

PARTICIPANTS: Elected Adults
HOW OFTEN: Monthly
WHEN: Varies by activity.
FOR INFORMATION & SCHEDULE: Reverend Joseph Garabedian, Pastor (Teaching Elder), Berge Tombalakian, Clerk of the Session
Other contacts:
CLASS OF 2025: Harout Darakdjian, Jocelyn Keuhnelian, Berge Tombalakian, Melina Keosayian     
CLASS OF 2026: VJ Aynilian, Alan Philibosian, James Sahagian, Kathy Voskian
CLASS OF 2027: Berjouhy Gulesserian, Elizabeth Aynilian, Serge Buchakjian, Nayri Gueyikian


As a Presbyterian Church, the Armenian Presbyterian Church spiritual leadership rests with the Session. The Session is made up of a Teaching Elder (Rev. Garabedian) and Ruling Elders. Our By-laws state that this group of individuals is “charged with the governance and oversight of all aspects – spiritual and temporal – of the Church”. The Session also serves as a liaison with the Presbytery of the Palisades.


The Session normally meets at least once a month except for July and August. A typical meeting is called to order with attendance and the official recognition that a quorum is present. The pastor opens the meeting with a prayer and devotional. Any person needing to make a special presentation to the Board is given the opportunity.

Next, there is the review and approval of the minutes of the previous meeting as presented by the Clerk of the Session. Committee reports are then presented, including but not limited to: Worship & Music, Missions, Hospitality, Buildings & Grounds, Finance, and Christian Education. When all business is complete, the meeting is adjourned with a prayer.

Elders are voted by the members of the Armenian Presbyterian Church at the congregational meeting and are elected to a 3-year term and then may be re-elected for one additional 3-year term. The position is open to both male and female members.

According to the Book of Order, Elders “should be persons of faith, dedication, and good judgement. Their manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian Gospel, both within the Church and in the world.”


As the ruling body of the church, the Session must be compromised of a cross-section of the congregation. Ruling Elders must continue to read their Bible, pray for our church regularly, lead committees, and guide APC into the future – recognizing God’s purpose for our church.