For New Visitors

Who are we as the Armenian Presbyterian Church?

When you arrive at our church, you’ll notice a beautifully laid out campus that helps you focus on God’s creation and the sense of “sanctuary” as you walk down and into our building. We are surrounded by beautiful trees and nestled within the busy hub of Paramus, sheltered by the nearby residences and natural surroundings from the fast-paced life that is Bergen County, New Jersey.

We are an Armenian Presbyterian Church, with both an ethnic Armenian Evangelical history stretching back to the mid 1800’s and a Presbyterian Church, following the faith of the missionaries who evangelized our forefathers back in Asia Minor in the 19th century. After our community immigrated to the United States, we settled and formed the West New York Armenian Evangelical Church, and later moved in the second half of the 20th century to Paramus.

We love our Armenian heritage and we reflect it through our worship services, Bible Studies, fellowship hours, and participation in the greater Armenian community of the Tri-State New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area. We are also Presbyterian and belong to the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., led by an elder-based system and the order that is a hallmark of Presbyterian church governance.

Most of all, we are a community of Christians: believers, followers, and lovers of Jesus Christ, who has saved us, loved us, and called us to be light and truth-bearers to both the Armenian and non-Armenian community in our area. We are called to learn the Truth and Power of the Gospel of Jesus and to bear witness to it in our daily lives as a church both in word and deed.

We welcome you to join us!