Join us on Sunday mornings at 11:00am for our Worship Service! All are welcome!

A Word About Worship

Worship requires concentration on the music and the Word of God; so, we invite you to surrender yourself to the atmosphere created by the two. Allow yourself to be overtaken by an attitude of reverence, focus and devotion toward God. It’s okay to greet others outside the sanctuary if you arrive before service starts. But, please avoid conversations within the sanctuary before the service begins, as people may be praying or meditating. Also, please make every effort to be on time.

To Prepare Yourself

To prepare for your experience, please take time to silently mediate on the Scriptures that are the basis of the sermons that will be preached. Look over the words to the hymns that we will be singing. Offer silent prayers for those leading worship, for the individuals listed on the bulletin and for personal needs. We hope that these suggestions will enhance your worship experience.