Agape Women’s Bible Study

Agape Bible Study is not active at this time.


God’s love must be felt, this is the simple reason for this bible study. Our duty is to love the participant into a relationship with Jesus Christ, to grow the individual into a mature, fully functioning member of the body of Christ, so that they will live a life of abundance and victory.
This bible study has a unique opportunity to reach others on a more intimate level. As we encounter situations that are presented in our lives and in the bible, we draw attention to the outer and inner workings of the Triune God.
Most importantly this gathering will teach the individual to apply biblical principles to their life in a tangible way. The tools used are individual reflection, scripture and prayer.

We are commanded to Love the Lord our God with all our heart, our soul, mind and our strength.( Deuteronomy 6:4-7,Matthew 22:37-40,Mark 12:30-31,Luke 10:27) Therefore we follow a plan that will accomplish these areas in the participants life. We gather to properly worship and praise God, which is achieved by careful Bible study. Through our faithful study we learn of His miraculous works, we learn of His unconditional love, and His will for our lives. We will present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will pray that the participant will feel the need to be born again(Acts ch.2) by confession of sins and repentance. If properly touched by the Holy Spirit the participant will be left with knowledge, gratitude, and joy that their sins have been forgiven, past, present and future.


Agape follows the school calendar year, from September to June. The group meets at APC Church, promptly at 10:30 am unless there is a special trip,gathering or holiday party. The meetings are held in a designated room where there is access to a TV and DVD player. The agenda includes a time of singing praises to the Lord, usually contemporary involving music videos. Then we begin a lesson from the Bible and a time of application. We have newly begun a prayer journal and an exercise of praying scripture around 12:00 pm. We then have a lite lunch/fellowship and honor birthdays. APC is vacated by 2:00 pm.


I would welcome anything that edifies God, APC church and the Armenian community , however that is not a goal but a by-product of what we would like to develop in participants We hope that the participants mature in their faith, and will be obedient and to recognize the voice of the Lord as He speaks to them. We would like to see the Spirit of Bible Study to reach more people that work during the day. In prayer we may be able to have special sessions during the weekend or nights.