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PLEASE JOIN US:  Every Sunday Morning at 10:00 am in the fellowship room to pray for our church together.

Friday, September 9, 2022: 6:30-8:30pm – APC Missions Movie Night

Sunday, September 11, 2022: 11am Rally Sunday & APC Annual Church Picnic. It is also Bring A Friend Sunday!

Saturday, October 1, 2022: 7:00-10:00pm – Christian Fellowship evening with guest speakers – Paul & Birginia Friesen “Walking Together in Christ” – @ Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant , Hackensack, NJ – Please RSVP to APC church office 201-265-8585.

  • Sunday Morning Worship Service In-person and on APC YouTube channel. 
    11:00 EST
    Click this link: APC YouTube Channel to access it. Or, search “Armenian Presbyterian Church” on YouTube. On Mondays, the Sunday Morning Worship Service will be available to view on our site on the Worship Service page. Also, the synopsis of the Armenian sermon will be available.
  • Sunday School- PLEASE NOTE:  Sunday School is In-Person
    Weekly  Sunday Mornings at  11:00 am EST   Please register your children on this link.
    To be added to the Sunday School email list please contact Liz Aynilian at:
  • Youth Group
    Calendar to be posted soon.
  • Agape Women’s Bible Study with Ani Naljian
    Thursday mornings: 10:00am EST Via Zoom   Email Ani Naljian at if you would like to join this group and be blessed.
Please note: APC English-language Bible Study, hosted by Badveli Joe in person at APC – 6:00 pm online and in person – Starting September 14th.  Please contact Pastor Joe if  you would like to join in.

Welcome! We are an Armenian Presbyterian Church, with both an ethnic Armenian Evangelical history stretching back to the mid 1800’s and a Presbyterian Church, following the faith of the missionaries who evangelized our forefathers back in Asia Minor in the 19th century.

We love our Armenian heritage and we reflect it through our worship services, Bible Studies, fellowship hours, and participation in the greater Armenian community of the Tri-State New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area.

Most of all, we are a community of Christians: believers, followers, and lovers of Jesus Christ, who has saved us, loved us, and called us to be light and truth-bearers to both the Armenian and non-Armenian community in our area.

We are called to learn the Truth and Power of the Gospel of Jesus and to bear witness to it in our daily lives as a church both in word and deed. We invite you to join us!