Board of Deacons

PARTICIPANTS: Elected Adults
HOW OFTEN: Monthly
WHEN: Varies by activity.
FOR INFORMATION & SCHEDULE: Barig Kherlopian, Co-Chairperson; Jean Bedrosian, Co-Chairperson
Other Contacts:
CLASS OF 2025: Jean Bedrosian 
CLASS OF 2026: Ida Gueyikian, Luther Gueyikian, Barig Kherlopian, John Kherlopian, Doug Kurjian, Berj Sanossian, Marilyn Voskian, Dikran Youmshakian, Sossi Youmshakian
CLASS OF 2027: Maurice Gulessarian, Dan Bazikian, Ani Barber, Vicky Becidyan, Levon Yenikomshuyan


The Board of Deacons are elected by the Congregation and ordained as leaders of the church to serve the member of our church along side our Pastor. We are to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any one who may be in distress. We show unconditional love, concern and spiritual support for all our parishioners.

We have a constant list of visitations to homes and hospitals. We send cards for various occasions: get well, sympathy, congratulations and love and encouragement. We serve communion along side our Pastor. We lead a prayer meeting every Sunday morning before Worship Service. Our main goal is to make sure that every parishioner knows that they are loved, accepted and cared about.

We have a responsibility to also speak to people outside our church and witness to them and bring new members into the church family.


Monthly our committee meets to makes a list of parishioners that are ill, or are in need of visitation from the Pastor or a member of the Deacon’s. It is our responsibility to know about what is going on in the lives of our church family and assist them in any way we can.

It is also our responsibility to greet every person who walks into the doors of our church with love and let them feel welcomed and accepted.

The members of the Board of Deacons are blessed by getting to know all the members of our church family, and showing love and concern for them and serving our Lord.


We would like to see the Board of Deacons continue the works that we have been doing, but also expand on what we do for our church family and get more involved with our Pastor. Having more prayer meetings and programs to educate our congregation about the power of prayer and that we have to better examples of leaders of the church.

We have a great responsibility to work along side and assisting our Pastor.