Pastor’s Bible Study

HOW OFTEN: Twice a Month
WHEN: Wednesdays, beginning at 7:00pm.
FOR INFORMATION & SCHEDULE: Pastor Joseph Garabedian


Our primary goal is to grow in the knowledge of God the Holy Trinity and His Word. We also want to:

  • Seek God in prayer and in His Word,
  • Have greater trust in Him,
  • Gain greater understanding of who we are as believers,
  • Build relationships with each other through discussion,
  • Grow in our faith-walk and create an atmosphere of free discussion,
  • Strengthen our bonds of unity as brothers and sisters in the Lord,
  • Be equipped with the knowledge of His Word and His Identity
  • Engage others with the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.


These studies are an in-depth look at what the Bible says about important life-questions. If you want to learn about who God is, what our relationship is called to be with Him, or what our calling is as Christians, then this evening Bible study is for you! The studies include both topical presentations and explorations of Scriptures as they relate to our daily lives. We will often speak about the history of the biblical texts, as well as the cultural and political climates of regions connected with relevant writings. We touch on apologetics as well as church history when appropriate.

Our sessions are open to all who wish to come and be blessed by God’s Word. We meet in the conference room and the sessions are led by the Pastor Rev. Joseph Garabedian.